Meal Plan

The Campus Meal Plan is accepted at all on-campus dining locations. The plan, designed for students living on campus, offers savings and cash-free purchasing of food and beverages. When you purchase a meal plan you'll need to choose one of six levels, and then your dining dollars will be deposited. You can add or remove dining dollars any time up until seven days before the last day of final exams. Dining dollars carry over from fall to spring semester, but are forfeited if not used by the end of the spring semester. Make sure to use them, not lose them!

Make your purchases worry-free when you pair up your meal plan with LionCash+. If you don't have enough dining dollars to cover a purchase, the register will automatically deduct funds from your LionCash+ account at the meal plan rate. 

If you live off campus but would still like a meal plan, the Commuter Meal Plan is for you - it offers the convenience of cash-free purchasing with your Penn State id+ card. This plan is available for purchase before the tuition bill due date, and you'll charge the plan to your Bursar Account.

Meal Plan Comparison Charts

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